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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 5, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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studios. this is kpix5 news. >> grab the umbrella, a super soaker is headed this way and it could put a big dent in the drought. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> paul. >> we are talking two waves of rain fall. this is wave number one moving through this evening. earlier than we thought. where is it raining? where is it not? the south bay is getting a break in san jose. you have seen the rain fall. we are dealing with a moderate rain. interstate 80, oakland, walnut creek, pleasant hill, light to moderate rain fall. a steady, moderate rain fall for you and santa rosa, petaluma, and over toward the bay we are seeing showers. lots more to the north telling me it's going to be a long time before this rain moves out. remember that big ridge of high pressure that was our enemy because it blocked every storm from coming?
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now it's our buddy, it's our pal, it's our friend. it is steering every storm toward us, not only the one moving through right now, but the one that will give us a bigger drenching coming up over the weekend. the first storm, the latest computer model information says we will get more rain. some may get an inch or more of rain fall from this and this is the smaller of the two storms. so wait until you see how much rain we have in the forecast and how much of a dent this will put in our drought. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> looks good, paul. now to andrea, she is live in pleasantton with the latest. andrea. >> reporter: ken, can you see? there is rain falling right now. good news for this town because it is under an extreme drought right now. so much so in fact that the pleasantton city council voted to institute a call to ask its residents for a 20% cut in their water usage. now, as you look at video of downtown pleasantton, you can see there's a sheen of water on
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the roads. there is water coming down. there is rain falling from the sky and some people could not be happier about it. >> we need rain. farmers need rain around here. ranchers need rain. the reservoirs, everybody needs rain. >> we are absolutely thrilled with the rain. we need it. >> now in exchanged e-mails earlier this evening, he was telling me pleasantton, this weekend, with the larger storm could in fact see more rain this weekend than it has in the past seven months. of course, as he said, we're looking forward to seeing that rain come down overnight into tomorrow, into tomorrow evening and of course just starting up right now here in pleasantton. live in pleasantton, kpix5. >> if you're heading up to the sierra nevada, expect some epic snow. this is sierra at tahoe. they could get several feet by the time these set of storms roll out. you can track it on
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click weather and then interact ifs radar to zoom in to your very own neighborhood. >> tonight, a pastor is charged with having sex with a 17-year- old run away. pastor bin im from contra costa -- he had a sexual relationship with one of the girls and tortured a small dog. they also say the 33-year-old met girls at the salvation army in san francisco. >> a car has hit another san francisco pedestrian. this one happened about 8:00 tonight near folsom and hawthorne. but this is the third accident involving san francisco pedestrian in just the past two days. >> a major bust in oakland today where police recovered hundreds of stolen cars and other items. kpix5 spoke to a man who saw it all happen.
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kristen. >> yeah, tonight, neighbors told me that until tonight, there were cars without license plates constantly parked all up and down this block. they would disappear behind the door to that warehouse where a group of people may have been running a chop shop. >> police search warrants were coming in. >> andrew franco and 22 other people who were inside this east oakland warehouse were on the ground. >> zip ties around their arms and really, really tight. >> franco, who says he works at the warehouse was released, but 11 other people were arrested and expected to face charges for running an auto theft ring here. >> stolen property, stolen engines, stolen vehicles. >> there were also guns, construction equipment, even a large generator being guarded by a pack of pit bulls. >> cars are coming in. people are coming in. animals are coming in. >> this is a known area for vehicle theft. we have had issues here in the past. >> he's not kidding. we checked the stats.
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there have been 85 car thefts within a mile of here since december. >> it's about time they get these people out of here. >> but tony doesn't think the peace will last. he says he has seen authorities raid the place three times in the last three years. >> every time this happens, more people come through and if it isn't the same dude, it's another dude who is coming back here. it seems like a vicious cycle. >> in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> authorities have been investigating the place since december and all the items they recovered were reported stolen from around the bay area. new at 10:00, a slew of problems forced a state medical facility for prisoners to stop taking patients. an outbreak is just one of the issues at the stockton facility. inspectors also noted unsanitary conditions and a lack of basic supplies, like adult diapers. they also say nurses failed to respond to calls for help when
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a prisoner basically bled to death in january. the department of corrections says it is already addressing some of those issues. >> the things are, like the supply chain issues, we have taken very seriously. as i said, we sent an expert team to the facility over the weekend to fix those bugs and we are also taking a look at staff. >> facility is not closed down. it currently has 1200 inmates. >> bay area prosecutors have their work cut out for them. charging his twin instead. charged last week with the stabbing death of a san jose state student. prosecutors think it was actually tong's brother who did it. proving it won't be easy. >> i have never heard of any case like this in the united states where two identical twins are charged with the same homicide. you have problems with dna because they have the same dna and you also have significant
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problems with identification because people are going to say, point at each one of those people, but they have no facial distinction. ahead of napa county's child welfare is defending how the department handled the kayleigh slusher case. her mom and mom's boyfriend are charged with killing her. questions are being raised about whether more could have been done. action that could have saved the little girl's life. police were called out to kayleigh's home 14 times since 2012. the department director said police have no obligation to report the calls. >> it's very complicated to be able to prove to the court that there's a compelling reason to remove that child. >> the child protective services asked the judge to release information about the case. the judge said no because the autopsy has not been completed. tonight an attack on a pg and e substation near san jose
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is being called domestic terrorism and causing concern. a bigger assault may be in the works. last april, surveillance video captured the gunfire as someone took out 17 transformers. that was only part of the attack. at&t had fiberoptic cables sliced. that knocked out phone service to thousands of people in santa clara county. >> it was an organized, coordinated attack done in a way that was extremely well planned and executed and that's been confirmed for me by people from the department of defense. this is the most significant attack on the electric grid that has ever occurred in the united states. >> no one has ever claimed responsibility. the fbi says it is still investigating and so far, hasn't officially called it a terrorist act. >> airlines are on high alert after a warning from the feds. terrorists could use tooth paste tubes to disrupt the olympics. new intelligence suggests the
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containers may hold ingredients that could be used to construct a bomb. the worry is that operatives could smuggle those tubes on board and assemble an exemployees i device while the plane is in flight. joe vasquez shows us that's not the only problem in russia tonight. joe. >> construction is 97% complete. so says the russian government. now through the combination of twitter and journalists on the ground, the world is getting a different story. >> checking into your hotel, sorry, the lobby furniture is still in boxes. your bedroom, if the knob doesn't fall off, your door could open to quite a mess. there's a lot of bathroom humor. what happened to this toilet lid and look at this curiosity. it's a double toilet. what? okay, now you need a shower, sorry, no curtains. there is a curtain in your room, but it's not covering the
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entire window. it gets worse. a chicago tribune reporter was told not to wash her face because the water was dangerous. her followup tweet, water restored, sort of. on the bright side, i now know what very dangerous face water looks like. inside and out, stray animals are wandering around an olympic infrastructure that has been under construction for seven years, but nowhere near ready to go. >> we have piles of rubble in the backgrounds of metal bars and building equipment. >> no doubt, some areas of this black sea landscape are breathtaking, but clearly parts of sochi are not winning any medals with the reporters covering the games. >> the russian government spent $51 billion to get ready for what they were hoping would be a memorable winter olympics. memorable, but maybe for the wrong reasons. >> you showed some pictures of animals. i understand there are some dogs found in some of the hotel rooms. >> that's right, the journalists are naming them, hoping to adopt them.
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there are stray animals everywhere. journalists can be whiney, a lot whiney, but you are feeding them here. >> don't wash your face in yellow water. >> disgusting. >> thanks. after months of debate, vallejo high school has a new mascot, red hawk was revealed tonight. the new mascot is a result of a long and heated community debate. it was chosen to replace the previous mascot, apatchy, which was argued to be offensive. felt the school was bowing to political correctness. native american representatives argued that the apache was derogatory. >> i don't think anyone was doing anything to be biased or prejudice. >> the new mascot name will go into effect immediately. well, it's inann ingredient used to make yoga mats and shoes. now subway agreed to take it out of your sandwich. >> a firefighter is at the
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so when you think of fresh,s plas , you all know the slogan, subway, eat fresh. when you think of fresh, does plastic come to mind? betty on the chemical you might have been eating for years. >> it's the stuff of subway buns and yoga mats, but the chemical won't be in your sandwich. subway announced it would remove the additive. subway uses this ingredient here in the u.s. and canada. >> this as a popular food blogger got more than 60,000 signatures on her petition in just one day. >> nobody is supposed to be eating plastic. >> we spoke to her. >> i reached out to subway over the last year and a half and they never once told me they are taking out this chemical. this is an obvious response to the power of the army. >> she ate at subway her entire life until she discovered the
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ingredient was in her bread. >> what it does, it provides the elasticity. when you look down into the chemicals, it's the same chemicals in mcdonald's and wendy's and burger king. the world health organization linked it to respiratory issues, allergies, and asthma. >> i'm glad they are taking steps to make it safer. >> definitely concerned. i developed allergies recently. i don't know if it's due to that. now that i know about it, i definitely would think twice of eating there. >> the company said today in a statement that it was already in the process of removing this chemical as part of its bread improvement efforts. essentially saying this move had nothing to do with this blogger's petition. subway has not given a precise time line for the complete
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removal of this ingredient. betty, kpix5. >> cvs is kicking the habit. the drugstore chain says it will stop selling tobacco products by october 1. that amounts to a $2 billion loss in annual revenue for the retailer. health groups and even the white house are praising that decision. the chp and the fire department say a firefighter being handcuffed at an accident last night was an isolated incident. the officer asked the firefighter to move a fire truck. when he failed to do so, he was handcuffed and put in the squad car. he wasn't arrested. the agencies met today to iron out differences and pledged cooperation in the future. >> just because you don't get pulled over for speeding, doesn't mean you're not being watched. walnut creek is starting a new program called the reckless driver letter. here's how it works. if you see a driver weaving in and out of traffic, you can call police and report that car. police will then send a letter
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to the owner of the car alerting them of their dangerous driving. >> people are careful. earlier when we were crossing the street that way, somebody almost hit us because they weren't waiting for us to cross the street. they just wanted to go. >> the department had 597 reckless driving calls. that's an average of 11 calls a week. of those, 19 turned into dui arrests. all right, we are thrilled about the rain, but relating to that story, a lot of us have forgotten how to drive in the rain. you have to be careful. >> the only time we won't be happy is when you are trying to get somewhere in the car. it's going to be slow and a lot of people are going to remember it's rain, how do you do this? you drive slowly, give yourself extra space. here's a live look outside. this is nothing compared to what we'll have over the weekend. it is wednesday night, we are seeing the rain fall. kpix5 high deaf doppler. one spot getting a break,
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across the bay toward palo alto and south. even a few showers, campbell, but you'll get the rain later on today. look at all that glorious rain fall. vallejo, napa, all the way up to sacramento. interstate 5, 505, i-80, and san francisco and oakland, now this begins a five-day stretch where every day we'll have some rain fall. how long has it been since we done that? you are likely eating thanksgiving left overs two years ago, november 28 through december 2, 2012. since then, we have not had five straight days of rain fall until now. that ridge of high pressure that was blocking everything is now leading the storms to us. first one up is the one we are getting right now. that will slide through tomorrow. the bigger one is down to our south and west. this guy means business. why? because it's coming up from the south. that's where the rich tropical
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moisture is. the jet stream is dipping down, hawaii, taps into the tropical moisture. hops aboard the storm track, it will make it right here starting friday night, all day saturday, all day sunday, by the time all is said and done, everybody north of the golden gate will see 2, 3, or 4 inches of rain fall and the entire bay area will see an inch of rain fall at a minimum. it won't end the drought, but it would put a nice dent in it. north bay, 3 to 6 inches of rain fall. contrast that with the south bay, an inch and a half. over the peninsula, 2 to 3 1/2 inches of much needed rain fall. very good news here. what to expect? round one just began. soggy day tomorrow. we get a break for most of friday, and around 2:00, means a very wet, sloppy and still very nice weekend with all that rain. san jose, 62. tomorrow a soggy 56. fremont 55.
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mid 50s, wet for concorde, san ramon, pittsburgh, and vallejo. nevada 54. it will be wet in cloverdale. low 50s for you. we get a breakthrough friday. no rain then, rain picks back up friday night, saturday, wet, sunday very wet. monday morning even wet and we'll dry out for next tuesday and next wednesday. great news. one thing we will see, urban flooding. i don't care what the drought situation is. streets will flood, the highways are going to be ponding on the roads, that's going to happen. river flooding, no, because rivers are running too low. >> very good news. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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memory of philip seymour hoffman. the oscar- winning found dead in his tonight, theaters dim their lights in memory of phillip seymour hoffman. hoffman was also nominated for three tony awards during his career. today's results of hoffman's autopsy came back inconclusive. a spokesperson for the new york city medical examiner's office says more tests need to be done. a private funeral will be held friday in new york city. well a guy in the snow is turning a lot of heads. he is wandering around in his underwear at a prestigious east coast college, no, he's not real. part of an art exhibit. probably wouldn't even be big news except that wellsly is a women's college. some students are so upset, they started a petition to give him the boot. or a pair of pants. the school's president says not going to happen. just a few days after
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shocking top rank arizona, the cal bears hosted stanford. could it be a letdown? and come out to play, that guy there, that's aaron rogers. the minute is next. ,,,, don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399.
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the sharks allowed four goals in the third period monday against the fliers. apparently those defensive issues were worked out. dallas in san jose, game tied at 1. tommy. watch the feed in front of the net. that is the game winner and the sharks get out 2-1. how about bobby melvin. he went to cal. cardinal big man dominant.
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serious move, ten point stanford lead in the first. it is a six point game late, but chase randall had 19. the cardinal win, 80-69. cal beats arizona, they lose to stanford. $700,000 to watch the parade. reported 13,000 students, 500 teachers didn't go to school. tees off tomorrow at monterey peninsula at 10:00 a.m. he and aaron rogers are two of four nfl quarterbacks in the field. >> i saw alex, my twin, i guess according to some people, mixed us up already a couple times, but it's fun to have those guys around. >> now, if you want to party group tomorrow, sean daily and kidd rock. >> could be a really good mood. >> excellent. >> all right, thanks for
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joining us, join us again at 11:00 on kpix5. >> i wonder what would happen. ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] this is smooth and precise on-road handling. this is easy-to-use off-road capability when you need it. this is seventy and counting safety and security features. ♪ this is total confidence and comfort. in the middle of crowds or in the middle of nowhere. this is the freedom to keep chasing all the horizons you want. introducing the all-new 2014 jeep cherokee.
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